About JDM

Here at JDM Gearbox Repairs Ltd, we do exactly what the title suggests; we carry out repairs, rebuilds and reconditioning to the highest standards (on most makes and models of manual gearboxes and differentials). Whether they’re fitted to light commercials vans (such as Vivaros, Trafics or Transits to your every day road cars such as Peugeots, Astras and Alfa Romeos), we do them all.

With over twenty years of experience in this field, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. We can cater for whatever job you throw at us, be it big or small, so please call James today on 0121-439-4140 for a friendly chat and advice.

Do any concerns below sound familiar? Well, we’re here to help!

Here are some common gearbox symptoms and failures

Noisy bearings
Crunching into gears
Synchro-ring failure
Difficult or stiff selection of gears
Jumping out of gear
Refusal to select any gears
Oil Leaks
Cracked or damaged casing
Burnt gears
Lack of lubrication
Excessive gear lever movement
Incorrect gear positioning
No left/right gear bias
Reverse light issues
Speedo sensor issue
No drive

Some common symptoms of a failed clutch system include:

Hard pedal
Loose pedal
High pedal
Low pedal
No selection of gears
Slipping (lacking in power)
Burning smell
Crunching of gears
Noise when clutch is depressed
Clutch pressure
Low fluid
Concentric slave failure

We offer a no obligation, free strip down on most loose gearboxes, in order to locate the problem and rectify it at a price that suits your budget. We can have your gearbox collected and delivered to you within a few days, via our courier services, so please call for prices. Should you want us to have the whole vehicle ourselves then please call to arrange. We also offer recovery services.

We are based on the outskirts of Birmingham, B76 Minworth, close to the city’s motorways network and well away from its busy traffic problems, so getting to us shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’d like to drop in your gearbox personally then we can strip it down in front of you, so you’ll be able to see first hand the failure of your gearbox internals. There are a few shops and cafes in the area, so once the box is stripped (free of charge) and the rebuild price is agreed, you can go and get some food or do some shopping whilst we crack on with the repair and by the time you’re finished, we should be too.